Practical Penmanship: Fountain Pens

Hi friends welcome back to another episode on practical penmanship in this week’s video we’re going to be giving you 5 reasons why you should switch over to a fountain pen stay tuned so as I’d said today I’m giving you five reasons why if you haven’t already you should be switching over to a fountain pen so let’s get right into it number one mindfulness most people who have never held a fountain pen before treat it as if it were a relic they’re very intimidated by the fountain pen and this creates a mindful response as a visual artist I love an artwork that forces its audience to interact with it in a certain way and a fountain pen does just that you see you have to write with the hood of the fountain pen nib facing upward otherwise you might not even create a line and so this forces newbies to really slow down when it comes to using a fountain pen and when it comes to practicing penmanship and this is a good thing because practical penmanship requires mindfulness reason number two they’re long lasting potentially sustainable and eco-friendly so a fountain pen can truly last a lifetime and beyond if taken care of they’re refillable and if you take your ink from a glass bottle it’s very eco-friendly no plastic cartridges or plastic pens to throw away when it’s done just refill it and they’re also made from long lasting materials whether that be a high grade acrylic or a celluloid or perhaps a steel or even the infamous lava-rock acrylic combo found in the Homo Sapien so if you want a pen that’s going to last you forever it’s got to be a fountain pen reason number three self-expression there are so many different unique fountain pens out there that you are bound to find one that fits your vibe from the understated Lamy to the elegant Delta and when you begin to consider the nib to ink combo there are just infinite variations that can definitely express something about your individual style I mean the combinations are boundless maybe not boundless so function and style in one package now that’s practical reason number four fountain pens are simply a joy to write with when I first started using fountain pens it brought a whole new level of fun to my handwriting practice there is just so much personality packed into each fountain pen that’s made and to be honest collecting them can be quite addicting so do be wise with your investments if you decide to take the plunge but a good fountain pen can really elevate your writing experience and last but not least reason number five a legacy by embracing fountain pens you become part of a long history and tradition and it is also an opportunity for you to begin a tradition and leave a legacy within your own family if you’re looking for the perfect heirloom and maybe I’m a bit too young to be thinking about this but if you are the fountain pen is definitely a good option and who knows you may inspire descendants of your own family in centuries time to take up a fountain pen and hand write once again so friends that’s all I have for you today.

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