Recharger son Lamy Safari

today I will show you how to refill your fountain pen lamy safari is a pen great for drawing I love it but you can’t use any of the cartridges common to the interior, you are forced to buy the cartridges lamy or buy this it is a converter for the lamy and it costs about 7 – 8 euros and it is very good, because it allows you to put the ink of your choice in your pen-just be aware that it is important not to use the ink in a pen because it contains gum Arabic and the gum will come and clog up the pen and make the pen unusable very quickly, therefore no ink I use this ink carbon that I have in black and in sepia, so for black it is carbon ink for the sepia that of the pigment ink then they have the same properties, both this is to say that they work very well with the pen and most importantly they are waterproof that is to say, once they are dry you can place your watercolor by-above the ink is not going to dilute with the painting, it is well and to refill your pen there is nothing more simple I’ll show you open your pen and you are just going to make you pay attention, you see there is on each side a sort of small relief, therefore, what little relief we’ll just put it on the space reserved for it in the pen then in the right direction however this one supports well until they are well let down then me for this one I will put the black ink then you have seen I just I just like that it is because these small bottles of ink they come with a reservoir species, which facilitates transfer of the ink in the pen so you just have to switch once so that the tank is filled with ink and then you dip your pen in the interior once it’s done you turn this part here you see the pump that descends once you’re at the end you turn in the other direction to the starting the first use, you may not be there you see you see you see just the ink that is here but the ink normally has to fill them all out so it is not serious I do it again and I turn in the other direction, and this is a time that the ink is reaching the end of your pen and then filled in fact I see that it is not quite well filled so I start again it does not matter that this time it is good the cartridge is full if despite all your efforts your cartridge is not filled, it may be that your converter has a defect I say that because it happened to me with the first one I had ordered they were brand new but I couldn’t fill it whatever I do it does not satisfy I said to myself but this is not possible I however I am doing well I didn’t see how it could work otherwise, and in reality it is because he had a small defect may be that it was pierced or something like that so if you do exactly like me, but your converter does by and ask for an exchange is the following should work now you can draw with your lamy and the good thing is that with the pen it has two line thicknesses that is to say that if you are using your pen in a conventional manner, you get a line of this thickness and if you go back and you use your pen to your line is much more end and it will be useful to you if you want to, for example, that your hatches are finer than the edges of your subject, you don’t need to change the pen with the same pen you have two widths of stroke different the information it is the pen-extra fine is the finest in lamy personally I thought that it would be much more fine than that I thought that, in fact, that this would be the trait, which is normal after it is necessary to know also that it depends on the papers on some papers the line will be different and that it is necessary to experiment and find the paper who put the most in value this ink so lamy safari there are of all colors and in all the thickness they are when they are referenced by letters, and you put in the blog article the correspondences between the letters and the size of the pen if you look on youtube I put the link to the article of the blog so that you can go to throw a small glance and I remind you that in the description of the video you have the links to the products I use on amazon I will not put all the links to all of the lamy that exist but you type lamy safari from amazon and you’ll find your happiness .

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