Sailor 1911

Hello! Today I would like to tell you something about a Japanese pen maker Sailor which has a lot of fans. It has been making pens since 1911. I have found a few old and interesting ads concerning the model 21. You can get to know the contemporary production of this company on its homepage. The company cares o lot for the look of the pens and their boxes. There is a well made protective box wrapped in a carton. There is a set of parts inside necessary for its work. A converter of a smaller capacity than a cartridge and the pen. This particular model is called Large. With the company’s name on the ring. You can find the instruction manual inside, in Japanese and English, instruction manual for the converter and two cartridges. Question is: Can you replace the cartridges cartridge of the Japanese companies: Pilot, Platinum and Sailor with one another? This presentation will make it clear. It is not posiible. As you can see their cross-sections differ So that you cannot do that. Despite the size differences they all take the same amount of ink. The Platinum cartridges contain large metal ball that prevents the ink from drying up and secures proper circulation.

Sometimes it makes an irritating noise. Here is the Large 1911 model in chrome. The ring says: Japan Founded 1911 Sailor. The pen is 141 mm long. It is very tight, ink does not evaporate. You can keep it closed for a long time and it start immediately. There is an anchor and the name of the company on the nib. Let’s try it out. This is an F nib. There is a H-F on its side – Hard-Fine. Here is the same model, its Demonstrator version, with a slight difference in a tip of the cap. Hard Fine nib too. I swapped the caps for a joke, they fit and so we have two very original pens.

Here is Sailor Professional Gear Slim, sometimes called Sapporo. Much shorter then the previous one. with a very thin nib, Hard Extra Fine H-EF. Pretty hard indeed, and writes very thin lines, not everyone likes it. Beside it there is the Large model. The difference is huge. The Professional models have anchors at the tip of the cap. And here is the Standard Sailor. With an unusual Zoom nib.

The Zoom nib changes the line thickness depending on the angle between the pen and paper. Normally the line is not thick, Here is the difference between the EF nib and the Zoom nib. Here are the lines written with the Zoom nib, in a vertical position of the pen with a slight angle and with a larger angle. We can write with a back of the nib, the line is the thinnest. This sample was written in a Sailor Jentle Ink grenade colour. Sailor also produces cartridges with many colours of ink. At last let us compare the sizes of the basic Sailor models Professional Gear Slim, Standard in the middle and Large on the top. Many people say that Silor imitates Montblanc, so let me compare those two pens, Here is Monblanc 149, the biggest model, and Sailor 1911 Large. Sailor’s nibs are made of 14 and 21 K gold. The Sailor 1911 series represents classic form and reliability. I hope that I convinced you about it. Thank you for your attention. .

As found on Youtube