Lamy AL Star Fountain Pen

This is the Lamy AL-Star fountain pen. It comes in a black cardboard box. It has channels or groves cut into it. Then on the side we have the Lamy logo printed on outside the box. Included with the pen is the warranty policy for the pen information about Lamy. This is the ocean blue version Lamy AL-Star. This is a lightweight pen even though it’s a metal pen with an aluminum cap and barrel. It has the Lamy clip. It is a chrome clip, a nice big clip to make it easy to get it in and out of your pockets. The top of the cap we have a screw head, a plastic coin or medallion at the top and a little coin medallion at the bottom. The barrel of the pen has a little bit of a flat side on the sides, flat on the side and on the edges we also have the Lamy logo embossed.

It is kind of subtle there at the end of the barrel. There is also a little viewing window so you can see the ink and a little black ring around the center between the cap and barrel. It is a compression fit cap sothe cap simply snaps off and can be posted. You can use the pen with or without the cap posted. The grip section on this pen is clear translucent. It has a smoky color to it so you can see the inside and see the ink. It also has a silver chrome colored nib with the Lamy logo on it. When the pen first comes you have a small cardboard band. You need to remove that when you first use the pen. So you unscrew the grip section for the barrel and pull that little band off.

you can remove it. Then you can screw the barrel the pen on and then that will push the ink into the pen and it is ready for use. It is a great-looking pen, a unique pen. Lamy make some great inexpensive fountain pens. They are a German brand. Get your Lamy AL Star fountain pen at! .

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