Pilot Vanishing Point Ballpoint Pen

This is the Pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen It comes in a black cardboard box with clear transparent top so you see the pen inside. On the top of the box we have Pilot logo printed in in silver with a hinge top to the box. This is the black version of the Pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen with chrome accents. We have chrome end here.

This is the end of the pen and where you would compress to extend the refill on the opposite end. It has a chrome band at the center of the pen with Pilot Japan printed on the pen. Then on the writing end of the instrument with is little different with this pen than with other pens is where the clip is located. It is a chrome clip and it has a chrome tip to the writing end. To exchange the refill for this pen, we simply unscrew the pen and inside is the ballpoint refill.

This is a Pilot BRFN30. It is a medium tip. This is a sharp-looking pen. Pilot is a great company Get your pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen at PenChalet.com! .

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Aurora Ipsilon Italia Ballpoint Pen

This is the Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen. It comes in a colorful cardboard outer sleeve with the Aurora logo on the top. This sleeve slides off. Inside is a black, glossy cardboard box with the Aurora logo on top. The top of the box comes off. Inside is a nice hard outer shell leather case. This case has the Aurora logo embossed into the top of the lid. This lid has a hinged top and on the underside lid we have the Aurora logo printed with since 1980 made in Italy both in Italian and English. The inside of the case is a nice white leather. And of course we have the Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen. This is a white pen with chrome accents. The Ipsilon pens have rounded cap. We have a chrome band around that cap with a chrome clip.

A the bottom with a cap we have three colorful bands to depict the colors of the Italian flag, red, white, and green with small chrome rings on the ends. On the front side of the cap on those chrome and we have a Aurora made in Italy. On the tip of the pen is a simple chrome tip. To extend the refill the pen it is a simple click action. You press the cap. To replace the refill on this pen you unscrew the cap in a counter-clockwise direction and you can replace the refill.

This Aurora is depicting the Italian country and this is and Italian and made brand. Aurora is an Italian company. They make some fantastic writing instruments. Get your Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen at PenChalet.com! .

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