Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils

JetPens presents, Kuru Toga, from Uni. A traditional mechanical pencil’s lead will quickly wear down into a flat blunt tip, as seen here. This produces gradually thicker lines and lead breakage. The Kuru Toga mechanical pencils have an internal mechanism that rotates the pencil lead as you write. Using three gears, the lead is twisted through a spring-loaded clutch that turns the lead incrementally every time you lift the pencil, like between words or letters.

This allows the lead to be worn down uniformly, resulting in a consistently pointed tip and reduction in lead breakage from over sharpening. The Kuru Toga Family comes in a variety of different models, all clearly branded with the Kuru Toga logo near the grip. The “Standard” flagship line has 4 body colors in mm lead size and 8 body colors in mm lead size. All 12 units have a clear grip area that allows us to peak inside at the rotating gears.

The “Rubber Grip” line has 3 body colors and is only available in mm lead size. This model provides more gripping comfort. Sporting a polished aluminum look, the “High Grade” line comes in 4 body colors in mm lead size and 1 body color in mm lead size. The “Roulette” model has a knurled grip and comes in 2 body colors in mm lead size. The “Alpha Gel” model combines Uni’s signature Alpha Gel grip with the Kuru Toga mechanism, resulting in a disctintive look and feel. Available in 6 body colors in the mm lead size. Exclusive to the US, “Starter Sets” offered by Uni-ball include a lead pack and 2 eraser refills as well. These sets come in mm and mm lead sizes. To complement the Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, Uni has designed a special line of pencil leads. With a softer outer layer and a harder core, the lead wears down evenly as it’s rotated, augmenting the sharp point. The lead is available in HB and B in mm. Depending on the model, Kuru Toga erasers can be replaced using either the model “S” or model “C” erasers. Uni’s Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, available at JetPens.com .

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