LAMY Dialog Bold Nib Fountain Pen – Black


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LAMY dialog

LAMY dialog is a series are the solitary writing instruments that are created in dialogue with the great product designers of our time.

The LAMY dialog 1, for example, was designed by the eminent Richard Sapper as a futuristic ballpoint pen with a triangular body.

The LAMY dialog 2, on the other hand, is a capless ink rollerball of minimalist style, which bears the signature of Danish architect and designer legend Knud Holscher.

The third in the series is by Switzerland’s Franco Clivio, who with the new LAMY dialog 3 has created a fountain pen that is unique in the best sense of the word.

Available Writing Systems

The LAMY dialog is available as ballpoint pen, fountain pen and rollerball pen.

Fountain pen

Fountain pens support individual handwriting more than any other writing instrument. Whether you are seeking to develop good handwriting or want to sign letters and contracts in style, or simply prefer the individual character of handwritten news to the anonymity of e-mails.

Ballpoint pen

As a long-lasting, reliable writing system, it is one of the most important products of our daily lives.
On the side: in compliance with ISO 12757, Lamy ballpoint pens refills do not contain any toxic chemicals and are therefore environmentally compatible . In addition, they are waterproof, which is important in particular for the signing of contracts and when displaying receipts and copies .

Rollerball pen

Lamy rollerballs are a good alternative to fountain pens or ballpoint pens. Combine the best of the two classic categories: Our rollerball pens are as easy to operate as ballpoint pens . And they have a similarly beautiful typeface to the fountain pen and offer a very high level of writing comfort .

The nib

All Lamy fountain pen nibs are equipped with a high-quality iridium ball.
The choice of the nib grade is dependent on the personal handwriting and the writing position. For left-handers there are special LH nibs available which are minimally bevelled as the fountain pen is not pulled by left-handers but rather pushed.

Rounded nibs

Rounded nibs are common favourites. All-round nibs with a completely rounded tip. Because of the roundness no tilting is possible when writing. This is the bestselling nib grade.

Oblique nibs

For a slanted position: One side of the nib is shortened / bevelled. Thus the ink flow is constant even with an angled writing position.
By the way, the “O” stands for oblique.That’s the French term for tapered.

Straight nibs

With these nibs, the fountain pen must be held upright, without tilting or turning, for the ink flow to be steady. The iridium ball has a straight cut.
With full retractable 14 Kt bi-colour gold nib, anodized.
Available nib grades: extra fine (EF) / fine (F) / medium (M) / broad (B) / oblique, medium (OM) / oblique, broad (OB).
Designer: Franco Clivio

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LAMY Dialog Bold Nib Fountain Pen – Black


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