Lamy Al Star Vibrant Pink

Hello everyone it’s stephanie manley and it’s still a fountain-pen freak and today i just wanted to show you my new Lamy Al-Star this is in what they’re calling the pink shade for 2018 very excited to get this I just got this in yesterday and I’ve already inked it up so if you’re not familiar with this again this is the Lamy Al-Star and they – a special edition every year and that’s this year so you can and they call this paint but I think it’s really more of a magenta color so if you’re a guy I I don’t know um if it was bright pink maybe no but this is a nice shade now this comes with a cartridge it does not come and the cartridge is there blue which is a gorgeous color I went ahead and replaced it oh oh goodness my games all in depth awesome I went ahead and replaced it with a converter again this pen does not come with a converter but you can always add one yourself and this was the ink that comes with this this year and it is what they’re calling paint as well what do they call this they call this you know sharp pink so I’ll give this a shake there’s actually some glitter in the bottom of this and I’m gonna do a couple of swaps for you I like to do mine on both Tomoya River paper and just a standard card as well so we’ll go ahead and do a quick a couple of quick swaps here I think this no no I was wrong I thought this looked a lot like Irosozuku Yama Budo but it’s just not okay so this is a standard card stock so I never really get sheeny off of this one so I’m just gonna to put maybe pink alright and I’ll set this off to the side and then I will also do this I’m going to my River paper as well as pen writes really well I have it in a medium nib I like a medium points the best so that’s what I got and I’m gonna do this almost over her paper as well I find that card stock it doesn’t do a great job if you want to see how something’s getting to Sheen so it’s not a preference for me and let me see if I can find something that I have that is its equivalent real quick here I have a notebook of these samples so let me see if I can find something that I think this looks like so I have Monteverde a garnet in Tibet 8 garden this is more pink than that say and that’s all that’s there I thought Noodlers cactus fruit but I don’t think that’s a good fit either so I don’t have anything similar to this I don’t actually Monteverde garnet not a great fit either and yeah that’s it so nice color here and this was that euros jakku yuma butoh that i thought this could have been but definitely not so this is the difference this is the toe my rubber paper it’s not fully dry yet and here’s the card stock you can see they look a little bit different it’s a nice color I don’t know that I can bright with this every day but it definitely it must pray for greeting cards or letters or something like that but let me grab this pen again so this is the cartridge that it came with I will just put this off to the side I usually just keep them in a bag here and I guess when I travel I gonna have something nice and neat but there you go there is a little lamy special edition so I have the ink this is the cardstock again this is the top my rubber paper it’s still drying I love this stuff because to my rubber paper you can see that nothing generally comes through you I wouldn’t really even call this ghosting per se this is just that it’s still wet and you can just see that there’s a color back there and off of cardstock it doesn’t bleed through either so I think it’s a well-behaved ink and there’s the pen it writes well like most ladies do and looking forward to using this pen but there you go there’s my version of the 2018 OMB pink hope you enjoyed this video drop me a comment down below let me know what your favorite Lamy color is or Lamy pen and ink combination I to hear it thanks so much for watching

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