Practical Penmanship: Fountain Pens

Hi friends welcome back to another episode on practical penmanship in this week’s video we’re going to be giving you 5 reasons why you should switch over to a fountain pen stay tuned so as I’d said today I’m giving you five reasons why if you haven’t already you should be switching over to a fountain pen so let’s get right into it number one mindfulness most people who have never held a fountain pen before treat it as if it were a relic they’re very intimidated by the fountain pen and this creates a mindful response as a visual artist I love an artwork that forces its audience to interact with it in a certain way and a fountain pen does just that you see you have to write with the hood of the fountain pen nib facing upward otherwise you might not even create a line and so this forces newbies to really slow down when it comes to using a fountain pen and when it comes to practicing penmanship and this is a good thing because practical penmanship requires mindfulness reason number two they’re long lasting potentially sustainable and eco-friendly so a fountain pen can truly last a lifetime and beyond if taken care of they’re refillable and if you take your ink from a glass bottle it’s very eco-friendly no plastic cartridges or plastic pens to throw away when it’s done just refill it and they’re also made from long lasting materials whether that be a high grade acrylic or a celluloid or perhaps a steel or even the infamous lava-rock acrylic combo found in the Homo Sapien so if you want a pen that’s going to last you forever it’s got to be a fountain pen reason number three self-expression there are so many different unique fountain pens out there that you are bound to find one that fits your vibe from the understated Lamy to the elegant Delta and when you begin to consider the nib to ink combo there are just infinite variations that can definitely express something about your individual style I mean the combinations are boundless maybe not boundless so function and style in one package now that’s practical reason number four fountain pens are simply a joy to write with when I first started using fountain pens it brought a whole new level of fun to my handwriting practice there is just so much personality packed into each fountain pen that’s made and to be honest collecting them can be quite addicting so do be wise with your investments if you decide to take the plunge but a good fountain pen can really elevate your writing experience and last but not least reason number five a legacy by embracing fountain pens you become part of a long history and tradition and it is also an opportunity for you to begin a tradition and leave a legacy within your own family if you’re looking for the perfect heirloom and maybe I’m a bit too young to be thinking about this but if you are the fountain pen is definitely a good option and who knows you may inspire descendants of your own family in centuries time to take up a fountain pen and hand write once again so friends that’s all I have for you today.

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Lamy Al Star Vibrant Pink

Hello everyone it’s stephanie manley and it’s still a fountain-pen freak and today i just wanted to show you my new Lamy Al-Star this is in what they’re calling the pink shade for 2018 very excited to get this I just got this in yesterday and I’ve already inked it up so if you’re not familiar with this again this is the Lamy Al-Star and they – a special edition every year and that’s this year so you can and they call this paint but I think it’s really more of a magenta color so if you’re a guy I I don’t know um if it was bright pink maybe no but this is a nice shade now this comes with a cartridge it does not come and the cartridge is there blue which is a gorgeous color I went ahead and replaced it oh oh goodness my games all in depth awesome I went ahead and replaced it with a converter again this pen does not come with a converter but you can always add one yourself and this was the ink that comes with this this year and it is what they’re calling paint as well what do they call this they call this you know sharp pink so I’ll give this a shake there’s actually some glitter in the bottom of this and I’m gonna do a couple of swaps for you I like to do mine on both Tomoya River paper and just a standard card as well so we’ll go ahead and do a quick a couple of quick swaps here I think this no no I was wrong I thought this looked a lot like Irosozuku Yama Budo but it’s just not okay so this is a standard card stock so I never really get sheeny off of this one so I’m just gonna to put maybe pink alright and I’ll set this off to the side and then I will also do this I’m going to my River paper as well as pen writes really well I have it in a medium nib I like a medium points the best so that’s what I got and I’m gonna do this almost over her paper as well I find that card stock it doesn’t do a great job if you want to see how something’s getting to Sheen so it’s not a preference for me and let me see if I can find something that I have that is its equivalent real quick here I have a notebook of these samples so let me see if I can find something that I think this looks like so I have Monteverde a garnet in Tibet 8 garden this is more pink than that say and that’s all that’s there I thought Noodlers cactus fruit but I don’t think that’s a good fit either so I don’t have anything similar to this I don’t actually Monteverde garnet not a great fit either and yeah that’s it so nice color here and this was that euros jakku yuma butoh that i thought this could have been but definitely not so this is the difference this is the toe my rubber paper it’s not fully dry yet and here’s the card stock you can see they look a little bit different it’s a nice color I don’t know that I can bright with this every day but it definitely it must pray for greeting cards or letters or something like that but let me grab this pen again so this is the cartridge that it came with I will just put this off to the side I usually just keep them in a bag here and I guess when I travel I gonna have something nice and neat but there you go there is a little lamy special edition so I have the ink this is the cardstock again this is the top my rubber paper it’s still drying I love this stuff because to my rubber paper you can see that nothing generally comes through you I wouldn’t really even call this ghosting per se this is just that it’s still wet and you can just see that there’s a color back there and off of cardstock it doesn’t bleed through either so I think it’s a well-behaved ink and there’s the pen it writes well like most ladies do and looking forward to using this pen but there you go there’s my version of the 2018 OMB pink hope you enjoyed this video drop me a comment down below let me know what your favorite Lamy color is or Lamy pen and ink combination I to hear it thanks so much for watching

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Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencils

JetPens presents, Kuru Toga, from Uni. A traditional mechanical pencil’s lead will quickly wear down into a flat blunt tip, as seen here. This produces gradually thicker lines and lead breakage. The Kuru Toga mechanical pencils have an internal mechanism that rotates the pencil lead as you write. Using three gears, the lead is twisted through a spring-loaded clutch that turns the lead incrementally every time you lift the pencil, like between words or letters.

This allows the lead to be worn down uniformly, resulting in a consistently pointed tip and reduction in lead breakage from over sharpening. The Kuru Toga Family comes in a variety of different models, all clearly branded with the Kuru Toga logo near the grip. The “Standard” flagship line has 4 body colors in mm lead size and 8 body colors in mm lead size. All 12 units have a clear grip area that allows us to peak inside at the rotating gears.

The “Rubber Grip” line has 3 body colors and is only available in mm lead size. This model provides more gripping comfort. Sporting a polished aluminum look, the “High Grade” line comes in 4 body colors in mm lead size and 1 body color in mm lead size. The “Roulette” model has a knurled grip and comes in 2 body colors in mm lead size. The “Alpha Gel” model combines Uni’s signature Alpha Gel grip with the Kuru Toga mechanism, resulting in a disctintive look and feel. Available in 6 body colors in the mm lead size. Exclusive to the US, “Starter Sets” offered by Uni-ball include a lead pack and 2 eraser refills as well. These sets come in mm and mm lead sizes. To complement the Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, Uni has designed a special line of pencil leads. With a softer outer layer and a harder core, the lead wears down evenly as it’s rotated, augmenting the sharp point. The lead is available in HB and B in mm. Depending on the model, Kuru Toga erasers can be replaced using either the model “S” or model “C” erasers. Uni’s Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, available at .

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Lamy AL Star Fountain Pen

This is the Lamy AL-Star fountain pen. It comes in a black cardboard box. It has channels or groves cut into it. Then on the side we have the Lamy logo printed on outside the box. Included with the pen is the warranty policy for the pen information about Lamy. This is the ocean blue version Lamy AL-Star. This is a lightweight pen even though it’s a metal pen with an aluminum cap and barrel. It has the Lamy clip. It is a chrome clip, a nice big clip to make it easy to get it in and out of your pockets. The top of the cap we have a screw head, a plastic coin or medallion at the top and a little coin medallion at the bottom. The barrel of the pen has a little bit of a flat side on the sides, flat on the side and on the edges we also have the Lamy logo embossed.

It is kind of subtle there at the end of the barrel. There is also a little viewing window so you can see the ink and a little black ring around the center between the cap and barrel. It is a compression fit cap sothe cap simply snaps off and can be posted. You can use the pen with or without the cap posted. The grip section on this pen is clear translucent. It has a smoky color to it so you can see the inside and see the ink. It also has a silver chrome colored nib with the Lamy logo on it. When the pen first comes you have a small cardboard band. You need to remove that when you first use the pen. So you unscrew the grip section for the barrel and pull that little band off.

you can remove it. Then you can screw the barrel the pen on and then that will push the ink into the pen and it is ready for use. It is a great-looking pen, a unique pen. Lamy make some great inexpensive fountain pens. They are a German brand. Get your Lamy AL Star fountain pen at! .

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Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

This is the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. It comes in a black cardboard box we have the Lamy logo here in silver on top. The lid is a compression fit around that logo. It is kind of a unique design. The logo has raised off the top of the box. The the warranty policies are included with the pen as well as informational instructions about Lamy and about the use of the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. This is the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. It has a dull satin finish to it. Here we have a black cap and barrel with a dull silver colored clip. On the top of the cap there is a little bit of a shiny glossy cap and at the bottom other barrel we just have a small chrome circle there in the middle the bottom.

The cap is a compression fit. You can post the cap if you would like to. This pen is made from Makrolon which is a polycarbonate material. There is also an all metal version of the Lamy 2000 pen. It is pretty light way for being a metal pen. So you can use it with or without a cap posted. Now there are a few windows or open areas where you can see the inside the pen to see the ink. Those go around the pen and there is three openings where you can see the ink or the interior. It then has a chrome colored grip section on the barrel. It is once again that dull stain finish. and it as a nice shiny chrome nib.

Now this is a piston style fountain pen. It is a highly precision pen, so much that you can hardly see the seam between the end of the barrel and the littel knob you twist to fill the pen. So you unscrew that end of the pen in a counter-clockwise direction to draw ink into the pen as you dip the pen into your bottled ink. Then simply screw that back in down once you’ve done. Like I said it’s really hard to see that seam it is a such a tight precision seam. Lamy is a German brand. They make some high-precision, great writing instruments. Get your Lamy 2000 fountain pen at! .

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Pilot Vanishing Point Ballpoint Pen

This is the Pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen It comes in a black cardboard box with clear transparent top so you see the pen inside. On the top of the box we have Pilot logo printed in in silver with a hinge top to the box. This is the black version of the Pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen with chrome accents. We have chrome end here.

This is the end of the pen and where you would compress to extend the refill on the opposite end. It has a chrome band at the center of the pen with Pilot Japan printed on the pen. Then on the writing end of the instrument with is little different with this pen than with other pens is where the clip is located. It is a chrome clip and it has a chrome tip to the writing end. To exchange the refill for this pen, we simply unscrew the pen and inside is the ballpoint refill.

This is a Pilot BRFN30. It is a medium tip. This is a sharp-looking pen. Pilot is a great company Get your pilot Vanishing Point ballpoint pen at! .

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Leonardo Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens

Leonardo Custom Fountain Pens and Roller Ball Pens The Leonardo hand-made, customized ink pens are exclusive to Customers can choose either fountain pen or roller ball style from one of our many designs. You can build your own pen by choosing the material of the barrel (i.e. exotic wood, acrylic, TruStone) and the plating (Rhodium, 22k Gold, Black TN). Additionally, we offer hand-made wood pen boxes, with your personal engraving instructions. 1. The Leonardo Majestic Junior Roller Ball or Fountain Pen in the video has these features below, and can be purchased at: * Top: Rhodium/Black TN * Band: Rhodium/Black TN * Barrel: Acrylic, Amber Swirl (See charts for many more choices) * Nib: Iridium and 24 k Gold plating * Closure: Screw cap, posts onto pen body for writing * Dimensions: closed 5 5/8; open length 6 11/16; max. diameter 9/16 inches 2. The Leonardo Art Deco Roller Ball or Fountain Pen has these features below and can be purchased here: * Top: Rhodium/22k gold * Band: 22k Gold center band flanked by Rhodium plated concentric bands * Barrel: True-Stone Black/ Gold Vein (See charts for many more choices.) * Nib: Rhodium plating * Closure: Screw cap, posts onto pen body for writing * Size: Closed length 5 3/4, Open length 6 5/8, Max Diameter 5/8 inches.

3. The Leonardo Lipstick Pen just for ladies, has these features below and can be purchased here: * Acrylic Barrel * Plating: Gold Titanium * Barrel styles: Examples shown are Cranberry Red, and Satin Jade (many other patterns/colors available in charts) * Plating: Gold 24k (Chrome is available) * Dimensions: Closed length 3 3/8, Open length 4 3/8, Max. Diameter 5/8 inches 4. The Leonardo Art Nouveau Scepter Fountain Pen has the features below, and can be purchased at: * Top: Rhodium/22k gold * Band: 22k gold center band, flanked by concentric Rhodium bands * Barrel: True-Stone Banded Ivory (See charts for many more choices.) * Nib: Gold and Iridium * Closure: Screw cap, posts onto pen body for writing * Size: Closed length 5 11/16, Open Length 6 5/8, Max Diameter 11/16 inches.


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Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen

This is the Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen. It comes in either blue or white faux leather box. Since is that the Shoji version of the pen it’s a white faux leather box. It has a hinged top to it and included with the pen have informational instructions about the 3776 fountain pen. On the underside of the lid we have 3776 Shoji with some Japanese characters. This is a cartridge converter style pen. Included with the pen is a blue and a black ink cartridge. A converter for the pen is actually inside the pen. You can see that through the barrel since this is a demonstrator style pen. You can see the inside the pen. This Shoji fountain pen is a limited edition pen. It has a slight blue tint to the pen and chrome accents. On the top of the cap it has a small chrome band that runs around the cap. That holds that chrome clip on. You can actually see inside the cap and see that “slip and seal” mechanism that is a trademark mechanism that Platinum has developed.

It is great because it keeps your pen fresh and ready to write. It keeps it from drying out. Then on the cap we have 3776 engraved with Platinum made in Japan. Then at the bottom of the barrel we have a small chrome band that runs around the pen. You can see on the inside, you can see that converter. The cap on the pen unscrews.

This is a larger pen so you can write with or without it posted. It’s not too heavy. It’s a resin pen so it’s not too heavy to hold. It has a small chrome band that runs around the grip section here and at the very tip of the cap. Now this is gold nib. It’s a 14-karat gold nib. Engraved on the nib 3776 and the Platinum logo. To exchange the ink on this pen you simply unscrew that grip section for the barrel.

Since it already has an ink converter attached you would dip that nib into your ink and screw the the end of this converter to draw the into that chamber. If you’d like to use a cartridge style ink you simply unscrew that converter and you can put the cartridges on. Actually it just pulls of it doesn’t screw. Platinum is a great company. They are a Japanese brand that makes fantastic writing instruments. Get your Platinum 3776 Century fountain pen at .

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Sailor 1911

Hello! Today I would like to tell you something about a Japanese pen maker Sailor which has a lot of fans. It has been making pens since 1911. I have found a few old and interesting ads concerning the model 21. You can get to know the contemporary production of this company on its homepage. The company cares o lot for the look of the pens and their boxes. There is a well made protective box wrapped in a carton. There is a set of parts inside necessary for its work. A converter of a smaller capacity than a cartridge and the pen. This particular model is called Large. With the company’s name on the ring. You can find the instruction manual inside, in Japanese and English, instruction manual for the converter and two cartridges. Question is: Can you replace the cartridges cartridge of the Japanese companies: Pilot, Platinum and Sailor with one another? This presentation will make it clear. It is not posiible. As you can see their cross-sections differ So that you cannot do that. Despite the size differences they all take the same amount of ink. The Platinum cartridges contain large metal ball that prevents the ink from drying up and secures proper circulation.

Sometimes it makes an irritating noise. Here is the Large 1911 model in chrome. The ring says: Japan Founded 1911 Sailor. The pen is 141 mm long. It is very tight, ink does not evaporate. You can keep it closed for a long time and it start immediately. There is an anchor and the name of the company on the nib. Let’s try it out. This is an F nib. There is a H-F on its side – Hard-Fine. Here is the same model, its Demonstrator version, with a slight difference in a tip of the cap. Hard Fine nib too. I swapped the caps for a joke, they fit and so we have two very original pens.

Here is Sailor Professional Gear Slim, sometimes called Sapporo. Much shorter then the previous one. with a very thin nib, Hard Extra Fine H-EF. Pretty hard indeed, and writes very thin lines, not everyone likes it. Beside it there is the Large model. The difference is huge. The Professional models have anchors at the tip of the cap. And here is the Standard Sailor. With an unusual Zoom nib.

The Zoom nib changes the line thickness depending on the angle between the pen and paper. Normally the line is not thick, Here is the difference between the EF nib and the Zoom nib. Here are the lines written with the Zoom nib, in a vertical position of the pen with a slight angle and with a larger angle. We can write with a back of the nib, the line is the thinnest. This sample was written in a Sailor Jentle Ink grenade colour. Sailor also produces cartridges with many colours of ink. At last let us compare the sizes of the basic Sailor models Professional Gear Slim, Standard in the middle and Large on the top. Many people say that Silor imitates Montblanc, so let me compare those two pens, Here is Monblanc 149, the biggest model, and Sailor 1911 Large. Sailor’s nibs are made of 14 and 21 K gold. The Sailor 1911 series represents classic form and reliability. I hope that I convinced you about it. Thank you for your attention. .

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Aurora Ipsilon Italia Ballpoint Pen

This is the Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen. It comes in a colorful cardboard outer sleeve with the Aurora logo on the top. This sleeve slides off. Inside is a black, glossy cardboard box with the Aurora logo on top. The top of the box comes off. Inside is a nice hard outer shell leather case. This case has the Aurora logo embossed into the top of the lid. This lid has a hinged top and on the underside lid we have the Aurora logo printed with since 1980 made in Italy both in Italian and English. The inside of the case is a nice white leather. And of course we have the Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen. This is a white pen with chrome accents. The Ipsilon pens have rounded cap. We have a chrome band around that cap with a chrome clip.

A the bottom with a cap we have three colorful bands to depict the colors of the Italian flag, red, white, and green with small chrome rings on the ends. On the front side of the cap on those chrome and we have a Aurora made in Italy. On the tip of the pen is a simple chrome tip. To extend the refill the pen it is a simple click action. You press the cap. To replace the refill on this pen you unscrew the cap in a counter-clockwise direction and you can replace the refill.

This Aurora is depicting the Italian country and this is and Italian and made brand. Aurora is an Italian company. They make some fantastic writing instruments. Get your Aurora Ipsilon Italia ballpoint pen at! .

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